By Saul Trewern, Hydro International

First-time exhibitor XOCEAN showed its large unmanned catamaran in a public space (shared with a SMD Quasar ROV). XOCEAN only recently completed sea trials in Carlingford Lough, but has already placed an order for a second boat. The catamaran is powered by a 2kW diesel generator and 640W solar panels that work in conjunction to keep the 5kWh lithium battery charged and able to power both the payload as well as the electric thrusters. Travelling at 3.5kn, the catamaran has an 18 day or 1500 nautical mile range.

Interestingly, the company says that it can offer surveys on a no data – no fee basis where it accepts all the risk in terms of weather. XOCEAN estimates it can work at around a third of the cost of conventional manned survey methods.

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