By UT3 Issue Two 2018

XOCEAN has commissioned the build of a second unmanned surface vessel. The company, based on the North East Coast of Ireland, is in the final stages of testing their first USV, the XO-450, a 750kg vessel with a wave-piercing catamaran-type hull. It is hybrid powered featuring a 2kw diesel generator and 640W solar deck that work in conjunction to keep the 5kWh lithium battery charged. This powers the electric thrusters. Travelling at 3.5kt, it has an 18-day or 1500 nautical mile range.

XOCEAN offers turnkey data collection services to survey companies and government agencies. Applications include hydrographic survey, fish stock survey, data harvesting, mean ocean data and environmental monitoring. The company focuses simply on data acquisition as opposed to data processing. By concentrating on this, they can offer work on a “no data-no-fee” basis where they accept all the risk in terms of weather and related downtime. By operating the platform on a 24/7 basis, they estimate it to be a third of the cost of conventional manned survey methods.

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