XOCEAN USV Isle of Skye

XOCEAN Delivers Pipeline Survey for Equinor

During September, XOCEAN completed pipeline surveys for Equinor off the east coast of England and the north coast of Germany.

Using high-resolution multi-beam technology, 4 pipelines were surveyed with a cumulative length of 130nm in water depths ranging from 2m to 40m. Throughout the surveys, a team of USV Pilots monitored both the USV and the data quality 24/7 from XOCEAN’s Control Room in Ireland.

World’s First: Trailing Wire Cathodic Protection (TWCP) Pipeline Surveys for PX Group

XOCEAN has added TWCP surveys to our offering following the successful completion of a world’s first using an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV).

During September, XOCEAN safely completed TWCP surveys for PX Group on pipelines in Shetland and off the coast of Aberdeenshire. Running up to 9km from shore, the surveys were monitored and controlled by a team of onshore USV Pilots.

ISES CP Trailing Wire | Dual Norbit iWBMS with STX | Valeport SWiFT SVP

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New Markets and New USVs

XOCEAN’s USVs have recently completed journeys to new international markets:

  • Canada: X-04 has now arrived in Nova Scotia to perform seabed surveys in Atlantic Canada.
  • Germany: X-03 has recently returned from Germany having completed pipeline surveys in the southern North Sea.
We are also pleased to have completed the construction of our sixth XO-450. Over the next few weeks X-06 will undergo control system fitout followed by sea trials before entering service.


Last week, XOCEAN’s CEO James Ives spoke at the Marine Measurement Forum and Hydrographic Society Meeting hosted by Sonardyne in Farnborough.

James will be joining the Vehicle Innovation Panel at The Commercial UUV Show in London on Tuesday 12th November.


  • Trailing Wire Cathodic Protection (TWCP) Survey
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Integrity Inspection
  • Data Harvesting
  • Fisheries Survey
  • Metocean & Environmental Survey

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