Bathymetric Survey Demonstrations

This month, XOCEAN are performing trials of our USV as a bathymetric survey platform. The system is configured to operate in the 40 to 200m range to IHO (S-44) Order 1a. XOCEAN are very grateful to the industry for the support we have received in equipping our USV with the following:

Multibeam: Kongsberg EM2040P
GNSS INS: Applanix POS MV WaveMaster II
SV (Casting): Valeport SWiFT SVP deployed via automatic winch
SV (Fixed): Valeport miniSVS mounted adjacent to the EM2040P
Position & Attitude Correction: Post-processed with POSPac MMS 8 using Trimble PP – RTX
Acquisition Software: Kongsberg SIS5 & QPS QINSy

XOCEAN are holding user demonstrations of the system at our facility in Ireland. If you have any questions or are interested in seeing the system in operation, please contact us at 

White Papers
XOCEAN have recently published two White Papers relating to the operation of our USVs.

Over the Horizon White Paper
The Over the Horizon White Paper discusses the tools and techniques used to facilitate safe navigation of XOCEAN’s USVs via satellite.

Download White Paper

Acoustic Fisheries Survey White Paper
This White Paper describes an acoustic fisheries survey performed in June 2018 in partnership with Ireland’s Marine Institute. The paper provides details of the fisheries survey, a mission report and summary of the results obtained.

Download White Paper

Growing Fleet
XOCEAN have commenced the build of a further USV which is due to be completed in December 2018. “We’re delighted to be adding a further USV to our fleet” said James Ives, CEO. “2019 looks set to be a busy year for XOCEAN as we add more vessels and applications to our data as a service offering”.

New Website
Earlier this month XOCEAN launched its new website www.xocean.comWe hope you find the new site informative. Your feedback is important to us and we welcome any questions, suggestions or comments you might have. Contact us at