Ocean data, delivered.

Using unmanned surface vessels (USVs), XOCEAN offers turnkey data collection services to Surveyors, Companies and Agencies. Our platform operates 24/7, accelerating project delivery at a third of the cost of conventional methods.

Our Services


Turnkey data collection service from mobilisation through to data delivery. No data, no fee guarantee.

Full 24/7 over the horizon operation via satellite broadband.

1/3rd the cost of conventional means.

Fast mobilisation using road trailer and slipway launch; standard shipping container for international transport.

No crew offshore and ultra-low emissions.

Power and payload capacity for industrial grade sensors.


XOCEAN USVs are designed specifically
for the efficient and cost-effective
collection of commercial ocean data.


CO2 emissions compared to
conventional survey ships


Range in nautical miles

18 days

Mission endurance
operating 24/7


Continuously available
hybrid electrical power


Payload capacity for
ocean data sensors


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