XO-450 Uncrewed Surface Vessel

XOCEAN’s USVs are designed for the efficient and cost-effective collection of commercial ocean data.

Full Over Horizon Operations | 28-Day Endurance | 24/7 Operations | Hybrid Power System | 100kg Payload | 3.0kW Continuous Electrical Load

How it Works

Over the Horizon Operations

XOCEAN’s USVs offer full uncrewed Over The Horizon operations using satellite communications.

Each USV sends real time images and situational awareness data to XOCEAN’s Operations Centre where a team of qualified USV Pilots keep watch and control the vessels 24/7. XOCEAN’s USV Pilots are responsible for collision avoidance.

XOCEAN’s USV system is designed to comply with the requirements of existing IMO instruments.

For the Over the Horizon Operation white paper, please click the button below to download.

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Transport & Mobilisation

Fast mobilisation using road trailer and slipway launch; standard shipping container for international transport.

XOCEAN CyberDeck

XOCEAN’s CyberDeck provides a highly secure cloud-based environment to monitor and control each USV. While at sea, each USV is monitored 24/7 by a qualified USV Pilot.

The CyberDeck allows XOCEAN to monitor the quality of the data being collected and to adjust both the USV and sensor parameters as required.

Customer Mobile App

Through our mobile application, we provide customers real-time view access of the USV at sea including live images, position reports and weather data.

Survey System Integration

XOCEAN’s USVs allow rapid integration of standard survey systems to meet client requirements. The onboard computing power facilitates installation of standard device and acquisition software, and the satellite data connection allows that software to be operated remotely.

See Services for example applications.

Technical specification

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